Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I joined a modeling forum, ARC, and since then I've been building, buying, and selling models like crazy. I've wanted to do a 1/48th B-17 for a while now since I built one many many years ago but the kits all cost abour 45$ and I hadn't bought one yet. So on the forum a guy posts that he is selling 3 B-17Gs and 1 B-17f 1/48th kits complete with a bunch of upgrade sets as well. Mine for 67$ after shipping!!!
Box arrived today and I laid everything out in the living room and was blown away. I plan to build 2 of these and use the others for parts and or sell one back to the community.

Friday, November 12, 2010

F-86, basically done

Still have to fit the small bits of the front gear doors and the wing pitot tube. Also a little trimming of the wing decals. Otherwise it's done so I will use these as the finished pictures.

Friday, November 5, 2010

CH-53 1/144th scale

The decals the decals the decals! There were over 100 for this lil bird and they went on beautifully. I did have one major F up though in that when completed I covered it with clear and set aside. Apparently it got knocked on it's side somehow and the HEER decal on the left side came off and was irreplaceable. Oh well.


1/72nd Hobbycraft F-86F Sabre. Had this lying around. Tried to sell it but no interest so am building it real quick. Actually a very nice model with great fit and good detail. I'm trying my hand at a metal finish for it so I have been in the buffing stage for a few days now.

1/144th CH-53 from Revell Germany. This is actually done (finished yesterday) but I haven't taken pics yet. Again a very nice model for being 144th scale and the decals were superb. There were over 100 decals for something not even 4 inches long. I screwed up one of the rotor blades trying to bend them down to simulate gravity's pull so I cut them all off and folded them back. Looks cool and saves on shelf space. Finished pics to follow shortly.

F-104 cockpit. More pics

More pics of the 1/12th F-104 cockpit. Also at friend's house/museum.

Pro Modeler B-25 1/48

Also built a couple years ago. I think this is one of the better ones I've done. It also resides at my friend's house/museum. Better for him to have to clean it then me.

ME262 2 seater

1/72nd scale. This was built a year or two ago and resides at my friend's house/museum.

A-6 Decaled

Extremely Lo-vis decals. I have since added the centerline tank and am in the process of fitting bombs. Should be complete next day or two. I have to get some dullcote though as it is too shiny.