Sunday, October 10, 2010

A-6 assembled.

Comparative photos of the first attempt and the newer, much nicer, attempt at the A-6. The actual plastic models were exactly the same kit even though they were different companies. Same fit issues as before and there are some flaws in the construction but I'm willing to live with them. The second kit that I bought though came with a photo etched detail set and also Tomcat ejector seats. Not sure if those were what were used in actual A-6s but they look a hell of a lot nicer than the blah kit seats so it's a huge improvement. I also basically scratch built the entire cockpit and canopy actuators behind the cockpit to give it a little more flare. The paint job turned out great and it will soon be clear coated and touched up and ready for decals.

F-6 Hellcat finished.

She's purrty! All decked out and waiting to wreak some havoc on an opposing force. I must say this turned out really good. Light weathering of exhaust streaks down the sides and some powdering around the guns and shell casing eject points. I also gave the plane a light silver rub to contrast the raised rivets.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Thanks to Andy for the awesome photo. A simple frame later and it looks great on the wall next to the 24.

A-6 post airbrush.

Fresh from outside. Colors look a hell of a lot nicer than the last one. There's a horrible seam gap on the upper fuselage so I may have to sand fill re-sand and re-paint. All depends if I get that ambitious or if I just choose to live with it

Friday, October 8, 2010

Works in progress

New A-6 and aforementioned BF109. Having no instructions and sparse decals I googled BF109 and got an image for the paint scheme I'm using. I wanted it simple since it's so small. I have another darker shade of grey to go along the spine and then it's done.

The A-6 I am building completely different than any I have before. I keep seeing all these people who have their planes painted before they assemble them so I'm trying that route. I have to get new colors for the upper fuselage since my browns are too dark. I may run by the hobby store tomorrow and hope they have the right ones. Otherwise it's looking good and the cockpit detail is leaps and bounds better than the first stab.

Both 1/72nd scale.