Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So I joined a modeling forum, ARC, and since then I've been building, buying, and selling models like crazy. I've wanted to do a 1/48th B-17 for a while now since I built one many many years ago but the kits all cost abour 45$ and I hadn't bought one yet. So on the forum a guy posts that he is selling 3 B-17Gs and 1 B-17f 1/48th kits complete with a bunch of upgrade sets as well. Mine for 67$ after shipping!!!
Box arrived today and I laid everything out in the living room and was blown away. I plan to build 2 of these and use the others for parts and or sell one back to the community.


  1. The B-17 is cool. You should see if you can find some decals to make it into the Yankee Lady.

  2. I may. Idk if there are any though never heard of any. I'm trying to find out what unit my grandpa flew with but we have little to no info so it's rough.

  3. I seem to remember seeing a kit you could get at Michaels or one of them where you could make your own decals.