Thursday, August 26, 2010

Harrier pics and a P40

I built this Warhawk back when I was a teenager and aside from the models in my parent's basement it's been the only one I've really kept. Not sure why but it has survived 4 moves in boxes and hasn't broken so it must be a sign. It's simple but I think it looks really good.

A couple more Harrier pics.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New-ish photos.

A 72nd scale Harrier I had thrown together a few months ago. Looks great on my M coaster!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thunder Over Michigan 10 family

A KC-10 tanker tire compared to my taller than normal 2 year old.


"Hmmm I think I see an airplane over there."

Thunder Over Michigan 10

Some of the sites from the air show on Saturday.

Thunder Over Michigan10 "The 17s"

The 8 flying 17s that were at the air show. Although I think one of the pictures may be the same plane just from a different angle meaning I may have only photographed 7 of them. Can't remember.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hellcat complete!

After many years of sitting on the shelf painted yet non-complete the 1/32nd Hellcat is finished. Finished with F6F-5 Hellcat decals even though it is built as a nightfighter. I couldn't find Nightfighter decals in 32nd scale and these were as close as I could get. The only problem is the insignia under the right wing due to the large radome it doesn't fit well. Otherwise the whole thing turned out pretty good.

Monday, August 2, 2010

F6 Hellcats

Again works in progress. The first 2 pictures are from a 48 scale Hellcat that was a kit from the 60s. The kit was pretty cool because initially the landing gear actually would fold into the model and the wings still fold either up or down. I did end up permanently making the gear in the down position to avoid any breakage in the future. This kit basically had no decals so I had to purchase some for it as well.

The second beauty is a 32nd scale Hellcat I built years ago which, once again, (noticing a theme?) the decals were garbage and I had to hunt for new ones. There are not many options for 32nd scale Hellcat decals and I couldn't find a "night fighter" version as this plane is so I am just putting generic Hellcat decals on that I found and calling it complete. I did find a set where the original plane was painted solid blue as mine is so they won't be far off from accurate.

1/72nd F4 and A6

These are works in progress waiting for paint. I built the F4 in about 3 days and the A6 a while ago. I had been searching for different decal sheets for both of these as these were older models and their decals had gone yellow. Finally ordered some and am just waiting their arrival so I can get the paint schemes, purchase any paints, and fire up the airbrush. I'm somewhat excited for the A6 as I found a decal sheet for a wing from Desert Storm that was camouflaged tan. I have never seen an A6 in anything but Navy grey so that will look cool.

1/48th Pro Modeler B-24 Liberator

This behemoth took me several years to complete as my models went into storage several times. The kit itself was so bad that every time I started working on it it required so much work I would get sick of it and put it away. There's great detail in all the figures which I will say looks amazing. Overall it turned out really good for the product that it was originally. I can't get a clear close up of the waist gunners or the pilots and bombardier with either my iphone or digital camera so I omitted those pics.