Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yet another 17!

I picked this up on the cheap and when I got it it was missing a few parts. Most notably it had no wheels. I remembered to look in my spares tonight and lo and behold I had 2 wheels that were very close in size. So I got motivated and threw this together in an evening. Still have some sanding to do but it will be ready for paint soon. There is NO interior so I'll just paint over the windows and then repaint them black, blue, or a steel/silver after it's done. I have decals for "My Devotion" although the model is an early F and MD was a late F model.

Friday, March 4, 2011

17s in progress

Got the wings glued together today. Dry-fit them to the fuselages. I still have to modify the starboard side of the F fuselage to accept the G kit wing so it's not on. The G kits themselves fit perfectly and the wings snap in place with no glue needed. The F model will be glued unfortunately.