Thursday, February 24, 2011

S/Sgt Roy H. Baine - Hero

Miss Prissy was not his plane but that is the paint scheme (or lack of) that their ships flew with. The plane pictured (B-17G 42-102922) did not have a name as far as I have ever determined. It was flown by Karl Hattenhauer and these pictures as far as I know were taken right before the Memmingen mission where 14 of the 26 483rd group B-17s were shot down by a force of about 200 Luftwaffe fighters. It has been recorded as the fiercest air battle the 15th AF ever flew in. In his log he states that their plane 922 was the most shot up aircraft to ever return to the group from a mission and they had no idea how the wing never fell off. During the mission he had 2 confirmed kills and his crew totaled 6 enemy aircraft. 2 members of the crew were injured but continued to fight and earned the Silver Star for their valor. For more info on the mission go here

Current Project

Been working on these since the beginning of the year. They're all straight from the box and will have aftermarket decals. From left to right in the top picture is "Thunderbird", "Snoozin Susan", and "The Duke of Paducah". I have a 4th waiting to be built that will have about as much aftermarket parts as you can buy that I will be doing as my grandfathers plane he flew on during the famous Memmingen mission 7-18-44.