Thursday, February 24, 2011

Current Project

Been working on these since the beginning of the year. They're all straight from the box and will have aftermarket decals. From left to right in the top picture is "Thunderbird", "Snoozin Susan", and "The Duke of Paducah". I have a 4th waiting to be built that will have about as much aftermarket parts as you can buy that I will be doing as my grandfathers plane he flew on during the famous Memmingen mission 7-18-44.


  1. I think the coolest is that you're going to do your grandfather's plane. Although, I still think one of those should be the Yankee Lady.

  2. I don't think there's decals for the Lady.

    I literally just last month learned everything there is to know about my grandfather's service. My entire life I knew he was a waist gunner but never knew for what squadron or anything. Now I know he was in the 483rd BG 817th squadron. Served his 50 missions and came home. I have a mission log now and a ton of information about it along with pictures.

  3. Waist Gunner....

    You need the 1/6 action figure of one then...:)

  4. My dad has them in their basement. I have nowhere to put it so I haven't gotten it.