Friday, October 8, 2010

Works in progress

New A-6 and aforementioned BF109. Having no instructions and sparse decals I googled BF109 and got an image for the paint scheme I'm using. I wanted it simple since it's so small. I have another darker shade of grey to go along the spine and then it's done.

The A-6 I am building completely different than any I have before. I keep seeing all these people who have their planes painted before they assemble them so I'm trying that route. I have to get new colors for the upper fuselage since my browns are too dark. I may run by the hobby store tomorrow and hope they have the right ones. Otherwise it's looking good and the cockpit detail is leaps and bounds better than the first stab.

Both 1/72nd scale.


  1. I always used to paint interior things before putting models together.

  2. Yeah I've always done that but the more I look at these "professionals" they have all the wings and such painted before they put them on the fuselage. I can see where that makes it easier to get the paint in places so I guess will just have to see. Just got done working and a quick stop to the hobby store for the exact paints required for this model. Bout to fire up the compressor and have a go at it. If I get time pics up later if not then maybe tomorrow.