Sunday, October 10, 2010

A-6 assembled.

Comparative photos of the first attempt and the newer, much nicer, attempt at the A-6. The actual plastic models were exactly the same kit even though they were different companies. Same fit issues as before and there are some flaws in the construction but I'm willing to live with them. The second kit that I bought though came with a photo etched detail set and also Tomcat ejector seats. Not sure if those were what were used in actual A-6s but they look a hell of a lot nicer than the blah kit seats so it's a huge improvement. I also basically scratch built the entire cockpit and canopy actuators behind the cockpit to give it a little more flare. The paint job turned out great and it will soon be clear coated and touched up and ready for decals.


  1. Yes, your new model is much nicer.

  2. Yea Idk what happened the first attempt. The paint really makes a difference though so that may be it.
    It's nice having all those detail additions too though. Got lucky on that one.