Thursday, January 27, 2011

A10-A complete


  1. You can't call that complete....It should be armed from wingtip to wingtip. But it looks pretty good though.

  2. It was built for a Desert Storm group build over on the ARC modeling forum. I wanted it to be in-flight during a mission. Therefore one of the Mavericks has already been fired off and the rest of the pods are empty.
    In combat they could only carry 2 Mavs per pylon as the launcher malfunctioned often and also the exhaust from the 3rd Mav would damage the pylon and the landing gear. It could/should also have a Dual Rail launcher for Aim-9 missiles but the kit didn't come with one and I didn't want to buy one. Maybe someday if I ever get one in a kit I'll add that too with missiles.