Thursday, September 9, 2010

Actually turned out really good I guess. Needs a final gloss cote to seal decals. Otherwise simple yet looks nice and is different than any F-4 I've made before. I will take pics of my models at my parents next time I'm there. I have a 32nd scale F-4 that is just mammoth compared to this one.


  1. Yea I do too. As with a lot of these they look a lot better in person than on my iphone pictures.
    I need to setup a sheet and try n take some good pics with no glare and such soon.
    The only thing wrong with this model was the fit was bad in places. Note the huge vertical lines behind the engine intakes where they fit the body. They shouldn't be there but I was too lazy to do the amount of puddy work and sanding it would have required to make it flush.