Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This guy basically built the same A-6 I am and clearly shows that I am an amateur all the way.
Wish I was this good.


  1. People like that make me sick.

    But you have inspired me to at least finish my Duck.

  2. Yea I've never learned how to "wash" a model to weather it. Thats one of the biggest secrets to making them look nice. I've had a couple that look really good and could be museum pieces but the majority aren't.
    Plus I don't have a top of the line air brush or top of the line compressor or entire room of my house devoted to nothing but models.

    Maybe when I'm 65.
    If they're still making models then.

  3. Washing a model is actually pretty easy. I do it every so often on my action figures and some of my army stuff. Basically you take a brown or black (about a drop worth) and dilute it heavily. Then you paint the model normally. It wont stick on the main surfaces but it will find its way to the crevices and stuff.

    Another thing you can do that looks really nice is dry brushing.

  4. Dry brushing is where you dip a brush in a color, typically black or brown and then you wipe the tip off with a rag so that there is little paint on it. Then you start dabbing the brush on your model in the highlight areas. Typically it will leave a light coat of paint in those areas looking like dirt or grease.