Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Works in progress.

Love the way the camo turned out on the A-6. Hate the underbelly and am probably going to have to respray the underneath of it. Interested to see it finally complete.

F-4 is painted as a target drone. Remote piloted to be shot down with test missiles. I thought it would be different with the color scheme being so bright. The orange turned out great and so far it's looking good. It's ready for little touchups and finalization before decaling. Should be done in a few days.


  1. Do you have a reference picture for the A-6? Looks pretty good tough.

    I really like that Phantom as that's a different take on a plane.

  2. I posted a link to a guy who built basically the exact same model. His much more professional though.
    I tried to find an actual image of an A-6 in desert camo and can't find one.

  3. Update. A-6 being scrapped. It will serve as my test bed for trying new things. Weathering, dry brushing, etc. Already have a new A-6 model on the way by Hasegawa which also came with resin ejector seats and some photo etched details. Should be a lot nicer. Let's hope.