Thursday, August 26, 2010

Harrier pics and a P40

I built this Warhawk back when I was a teenager and aside from the models in my parent's basement it's been the only one I've really kept. Not sure why but it has survived 4 moves in boxes and hasn't broken so it must be a sign. It's simple but I think it looks really good.

A couple more Harrier pics.


  1. Why I took a couple more pics. I wish I was better at taking pictures.

  2. For models the best thing to do is to have a plain background so that the model stands out. Also lots of light works.

  3. Probably not using an iPhone to take the pictures would be best too.


    I got a bunch at my parents that we may be taking to MAPS museum here soon so I will have to take photos before I get rid of them.