Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hellcat complete!

After many years of sitting on the shelf painted yet non-complete the 1/32nd Hellcat is finished. Finished with F6F-5 Hellcat decals even though it is built as a nightfighter. I couldn't find Nightfighter decals in 32nd scale and these were as close as I could get. The only problem is the insignia under the right wing due to the large radome it doesn't fit well. Otherwise the whole thing turned out pretty good.


  1. That looks pretty cool. 1/32nd, that's a pretty decent sized aircraft. I used to have a 1/72nd scale B-52 that saw one too many crashes.

  2. Yeah it's a large plane overall. It's amazing I didn't like it before the decals and now I think it turned out real well. The decals seemed to make the blue a deeper shade. If you look at these pics compared to the before decals pics below this you can see how the blue looked lighter.