Monday, August 2, 2010

F6 Hellcats

Again works in progress. The first 2 pictures are from a 48 scale Hellcat that was a kit from the 60s. The kit was pretty cool because initially the landing gear actually would fold into the model and the wings still fold either up or down. I did end up permanently making the gear in the down position to avoid any breakage in the future. This kit basically had no decals so I had to purchase some for it as well.

The second beauty is a 32nd scale Hellcat I built years ago which, once again, (noticing a theme?) the decals were garbage and I had to hunt for new ones. There are not many options for 32nd scale Hellcat decals and I couldn't find a "night fighter" version as this plane is so I am just putting generic Hellcat decals on that I found and calling it complete. I did find a set where the original plane was painted solid blue as mine is so they won't be far off from accurate.


  1. The Hellcat is one of my favorite planes.

  2. two weeks after I ordered them still waiting on decals.